Don’t assume everybody will use your product like you would

A Typical day at a Fluenz Spanish immersion week consists of 2 hours of classes in the morning, 3 hour break for lunch and then 2 hours of class in the afternoon. In past immersion weeks, in Mexico City we had a lot of cultural events at night.

Cindy and her friend Beth  love adventures and Spanish learning. At the Oaxaca immersion week there were not as many cultural events. So, we hired a driver and explored during lunch. For us, this was amazing. One day both of us asked the director why we did not have as many events as the other weeks.

Cindy and Beth assumed everyone was like them and would love to spend their free time exploring. But the director explained that Others,  exhausted after class, eat lunch and then need to take a nap. Their brains are just too full.

This was very interesting. I learned not to assume that everybody will use your product like you would.

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