A Board Seat
is a privilege

not just a responsibility

At Veranda
Partners we
believe that
It is very important to come prepared, stay present, share insights, and challenge the status quo. In between quarterly meetings, we roll up our sleeves when our companies need help.

Here’s how we make a difference.

Acacia Research Center and Clinics
Dr. Carreon, a highly regarded Stanford Medical School psychiatrist, started Acacia Research Center and Clinics to fight the debilitating disease of treatment resistant depression. Acacia is an industry-leading provider of cutting-edge TMS technology. As a new CEO, he has built a great team, an amazing culture, and gained financial discipline. It is a joy helping the company scale and sharing insights to help Dr. Carreon grow as a leader.
Dr. Carreon-CEO

“Cindy is a passionate and skillful advocate for me and my company. Her rigor in reporting and meeting has helped me improve my company’s performance. “ 

Acacia Research Center and Clinics

It is a pleasure to serve on the board with the CEO of Kinematics, John Payne, his executive team, Angeleno Group (their PE firm) and my fellow board colleagues. The team is open to hearing insights and takes on growth challenges with focus and confidence.
John Payne-CEO
“Cindy’s rigor in reporting and meeting has helped me improve my company’s performance. “

“ Cindy consistently brings fresh perspectives to the table, fostering innovation to drive the company forward.”



The founders, Olga and Olga, are dedicated to helping companies bring their health technology to life. They have brought together a very talented advisory board, including executives from Microsoft and Optum. The “Olgas” (as they are frequently called) have been very receptive to our challenge to focus, focus, focus.

Olga Muller-CEO

“Cindy is a stellar advisory member, combining encouragement with constructive criticism to help me as a CEO and our company grow.”

Kepler Group


I met Jean Wright, the CEO of The COPD Foundation many years back when she was the Chief Innovation Officer of Atrium Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in North Carolina. We shared a passion for innovation and the notion of what’s possible. When Jean became the CEO of The COPD Foundation, she called to ask if I could help with strategy and scaling the organization. Of course, it was a resounding “yes”. We have set bold goals to eradicate COPD and galvanize a community of 10 million. 

Dr. Jean Wright-CEO

“Cindy has made a great impact on our foundation. She is a great listener, brings new ideas and doesn’t hesitate to roll up her sleeves to help me and our staff.”

The COPD Foundation

Renaissance West Community Initiative

I have been learning Spanish for 20 years and am still waiting for the day to be fluent! Inspired by my love for my Spanish professors, I began teaching English as a second language at RWCI for 4 hours a week.
Intrigued by the organization’s mission, I met with CEO Mack McDonald, and our discussion quickly turned to strategy. Within an hour, he invited me to join the board, a great honor.
RWCI aims to break intergenerational poverty through a purpose-driven community, and I’m thrilled to collaborate for a positive impact.

Renaissance West Community Initiative 

Launch CLT

As a serial entrepreneur, I am passionate about helping companies grow and scale. Launch CLT is an amazing organization that connects local founders with experienced executives that mentor them.

Mark McDowell-CEO

“Cindy is a knowledgeable and empathetic mentor and board member. Her support of LaunchCLT has been unparalleled.”

Bob Guth -Board Chair

“Cindy is always able and willing to think out of the box. She uses both sides of her brain to come up with creative and workable solutions.”

Launch CLT

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