What really motivates your buyer?

During Christmas, this incredible non-profit organization makes it possible for generous donors to share the joy of giving gifts to children in need. The kids couldn’t be happier and are absolutely delighted when they receive these thoughtful presents.

However, after hearing from parents who found it difficult to see others bringing joy to their children while they watched from the sidelines, the non-profit decided to make a change. They started asking donors to give gifts directly to the parents, who would then present them to the children.

Surprisingly, this adjustment led to a significant drop in donations. Why? Because what the donors cherished the most was experiencing the joy and happiness directly from the children. When that connection was lost, donations decreased. It turns out, the joy of giving is a two-way street for donors who love seeing the happiness they bring to the kids.

Lesson to Learn: Always know how your customer will answer the question, “What’s in it for me? “

This is what motivates them.

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