Hiring a moving truck is scary unless

When moving to a new house, hiring a moving truck is super scary. What if they break my stuff? What if they don’t show up? What if they hold my furniture hostage unless I pay them more money?

But, with Two Men and a Truck, it’s not scary at all. Here is how they handle the buying process.

They understand your fears and address them .And in the process, create the most delightful experience.

Step 1: 1st Page: Do you have any concerns? They ask you to choose.

2nd Page – unexpected surprise – so easy… here is how we can take care of your concerns.


You click on the Please contact me button and then animation that shows your email as a paper plane and then the paper plane flies into the mailbox.
You feel comforted that they got your message and delighted buy their whimsy.

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